KnG Healthcare: Innovating Healthcare Solutions, Elevating Healthcare Standards

Healthcare Facilities

Proven operator of public & private healthcare facilities across Australia including private practice & hospitals. with proven expertise and excellence throughout.

Staffing Solutions

Complete workforce solutions for all industries, public & private including clinical & non-clinical staff (cleaners, hotel, hospitality, laundry, security, administration, etc).

Medical Equipment

Major supplier to the National Medical Stockpile (NMS) in Australia. Manufacturer & distributor of COVID-19 RAT & Dual (COVID-19+Flu A/B) Rapid Antigen Test Kits internationally.


Hospital & Healthcare Workforce

Providing well trained and experienced clinical & non-clinical staff including Registered (RN), Enrolled (EN) & Assistant In Nurses (AIN), doctors, security, cleaning & laundry, administrative staff and more.

KnG Gold Care

The Gold Standard in Clinical Home Care Services.
We understand the importance of home, family and community. Our subsidiary, KnG Gold Care delivers the highest standard of in-home care services to provide you with bespoke and tailored care to your individual needs. Our core values are built around Gold Care standard of care being individualised, high quality, discreet and professional.

Mama's Cradle Care

Personalised in home care packages for postpartum mums , specialised care for seamless pre & post natal support. We are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive array of services tailored to meet the unique needs of postpartum mothers and their infants. Including midwifery services, lactation consultation, psychological support, etc.

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

We ensure compliance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard, as well as statutory legislation and standards. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that planning, implementation, and overall operations meet expectations, ensuring smooth functioning even during periods of peak demand. All of our facilities are accredited with respective accreditation bodies. Explore our past projects for further insight into our capabilities.

Rapid Antigen Test Kits

KnG Healthcare manufacture & distribute our own TGA-approved COVID-19 (only) and Dual (Combo COVID-19 + Flu A/B) RAT kits. The Dual (Combo) kits allow for the accurate testing of both COVID-19 and Influenza A or B in a single, convenient test. Distributing nationwide KnG Healthcare is a major supplier to large corporate & enterprise retailers and pharmacy chains. Available in packages containing one, two, and five tests.

National Medical Stockpile (NMS) Preferred Supplier

The National Medical Stockpile serves as a strategic reserve containing essential drugs, vaccines, antidotes, and personal protective equipment intended for use during national health crises. Our provision of RAT kits and other vital medical supplies enhances Australia's self-reliance during emergencies, enabling us to effectively address heightened demand levels.

Aged Care

From providing staffing to over 200 healthcare facilities including Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) & hospitals across Australia, to operating Low Acuity Hospital Wards & Interim Care Wards, to establishing a dedicated subsidiary (KnG Gold Care) offering private, in-home care & delaying RACF placement, KnG Healthcare recognises the importance of investing & innovating in the aged care sector while ensuring respect, humanity and people-centric approaches.

Medical Centres

KnG Healthcare operates a network of Private Practices across Australia, all accredited with respective accreditation bodies (e.g. AGPAL/GPA). Including specialist clinics, GP clinics & the RACGP General Practice of the Year 2020.

Healthcare IT Services

An industry leader & innovator, KnG Healthcare understands the importance of Information Technology Security. In partnership with affiliate KnG Tech we provide proactive, robust & scalable Healthcare IT solutions. From web & app design & dev, to cybersecurity & IT Support.

Achievements & Awards


Empowering Communities Globally


KnG Healthcare is part of the wider KnG Group. A trusted global leader that attracts and retains exceptional people committed to our clients and the communities we serve. KnG Healthcare encompasses human resources, aged care workforce, medical supplies, housekeeping staff, security solutions, environmental services and more, representing a diverse range of portfolios across several industries.

KnG Healthcare has been a valued stakeholder in strategy and policy development in Australia in association with the federal government, state & territorial governments and the private sector.

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