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At KnG Healthcare, we've had the wonderful opportunity to staff industry-leading organisations and companies in the following industries.

Housekeeping Attendants

Our highly skilled and licensed Housekeeping attendants ensure that your guests’ accommodations are clean and orderly at all times.

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Aged Care Nurses

Excellent Aged Care is built on establishing trust, and providing exceptional care and comfort to the elderly. At KnG Healthcare, our Aged Care Nursing Team provides safe and effective, person-centred care driven by empathy and emotional support.

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Security Solutions

KnG Healthcare can offer reliable, experienced static licenced security services with 24/7 availability. They are experts in managing risk with the public in centres and outside, with protesters knowing de-escalation techniques.

We have provided security staff across hotels, hospitals, Vaccination Centres and Fever Clinics within Queensland Health.

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Medical Supplies

KnG Healthcare is an approved distributor and supplier of reputable rapid antigen testing kits, PPE, and other essential medical equipment required for pandemic response and general healthcare.

The point of care testing. Please contact us for different service delivery models and also for supplier enquiries.

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Human Resources

At KnG Healthcare, we work with institutions to provide all-inclusive human resource management and workforce management solutions across South East Queensland.

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Environmental Services

Our highly trained and professional environmental services cleaning staff have been engaged across various sites with Queensland Health. With demonstrated attention to detail, the ability to follow service quality standards, occupational health and safety policies and procedures to ensure high-quality safe services and workplaces.

We have staff across fever clinics, at the hospitals and Vaccination centres where personal protective equipment and infection control is to the highest standard to avoid and control outbreaks. They have all successfully completed infection control training and hand hygiene certificates.

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Need a few extra hands?

Help is on its way. KnG Healthcare can provide exceptional, temporary staff to clients in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

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