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KnG Healthcare is a staffing agency that provides innovative staffing solutions to diverse industry settings to suit their changing needs. Having a flexible workforce is an important aspect of any successful business.

KnG Healthcare endeavours to build life-long partnerships with our clients, adapting and customising our services to meet the changing needs of all businesses. We have carefully screened and trained a multidisciplinary, specialised workforce who have partnered with multiple organisations.

We can provide temporary staffing solutions to allow businesses to operate without disruption when staff are on sick or annual leave, or when they require assistance with quality improvement projects that require more hands on deck.


To provide innovative staffing solutions to industries suffering from chronic skilled shortages or understaffing


Our vision is to become Australia's most reliable and trusted staffing agency.

Workforce Solutions Customised to You

No company is alike, and we understand the common pitfalls that befall companies short on employees. That’s why our workforce management solutions are tailored to each organisation’s unique pain points. This may involve supplying a total or partial workforce to an organisation who are unable to fill critical shortages due to unforeseen circumstances, such as an outbreak, to ensure business continuity. Regardless, we’ll adapt and improvise to your changing business circumstances.

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The beating heart of KnG Healthcare lies in our brilliant team of creatives and industry experts. Click the button below to view our wonderful team members.

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